QA Services

QPros helps you set up quality framework in your delivery model or even establish your quality department the right way using the best practices.  Read more...

Testing Services

QPros helps you with defining and executing all types of testing to promote your software deliveries and eliminate rework.  Read more...

Information Security

QPros helps you protect your information and services from attacks and unauthorized access using our security methodologies, vulnerability assessments, and penetration tests.  Read more...

Manual or Automation?

Should I go with Manual Testing or Automation Testing?

This has been the old new question by all our customers. It's the main concern when it comes to spending wisely and working efficiently in the software testing industry.

With a deep understanding of pros and cons, along with  experience in manual and automation testing; we composed a calculator that has helped many of our customers decide when to go for automation and when to stick with structured manual testing.

Such a tool has given us the ability to uniquely measure quality and provide our customers decision makers with a set of numbers that facilitate making the decision.

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Return on Investment

At QPros we have the capability to make quality assurance and software testing an investment for your organization.

Software testing is not a burden cost anymore. The model we use will increase the prevention low-cost and decrease the detective high-cost which will definitely lead to a huge savings in the project's budget.

Our model also measure the income added to ROI by having continuous operational services and satisfied customers. Understanding the breakdown of cost of quality and how to fund that cost by minimizing future impacts and eliminating rework is the key behind making ROI in positive figures.

The cost is divided on prevention, detection, and failure. In QPros, we study your model of delivery to make sure that we invest in both prevention and detection costs (which are considered low when compared to failure cost) in order to save the large amount of money most organizations pay for failure.

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Quality Department

Establish Quality Department in Your Organization

QPros helps you establish quality department in your organization the right way to advocate quality level of your applications.
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Quality Framework

Set up QA Function, & Process Map in Your IT Department

QPros helps your set up QA function in delivery model and define process map that fit your needs and comply with best practices worldwide.
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Software Testing

Manual & Automation Test

QPros helps you with defining and executing all types of testing to promote your software deliveries and eliminate rework.
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QPros helps with promoting the education and practical levels of your IT staff in quality and software testing fields along with how to use best practices in day-to-day work activity.
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International Standards/Models

CMMI & ITIL Adoption

QPros helps you looking outside the box and adopt international standards and models that are well-known of putting IT delivery in place and eliminate chaos and waste of resources. 
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WQR 2016

The world quality report for 2016 is available now. This report has been designed to provide the most comprehensive assessment of the current state of enterprise application quality and testing practices available from around the world.

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Test Estimation Caclulator

Use The Pro's Best Tools
Try our simple but efficient calculator to figure out the testing effort needed for your applications.

The calculator depends on a set of parameters that you need to select/enter according to the nature of your application. Different selection of parameters will lead to different results.

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Quality Professionals

We are a recognized leader in providing full-cycle quality assurance and application testing services. We provide a collaborative approach to sourcing testing and QA services for clients who want to transform their testing function and achieve cost effective and high-quality systems without the hassles of large overheads and day-to-day responsibilities, but still without losing the overall control.