Establish Quality Department

Establish Quality Department

Are you trying to establish a quality department in your organization but you don't know how? You have come to the right place. Our quality architects at QPros will help you do just that. From forming through executing till reaching your objectives.

We have helped many banks and organization to establish their own quality department to look after quality in their systems and stand for quality in each project. We will help you with defining your goals, policies, standards, processes, templates, and implementing the best practices.

The four project variables are scope, schedule, resources, and quality. We are at QPros glad to take off Quality variable and deal perfectly with it from A to Z, and leave you to deal with the rest three variables. We know that the four variables are interconnected, so we will work closely with your IT to keep the variables balanced.

Our Quality Architects has come with a phenomenal approach of defined process to establish a quality department for our customers in within IT/ICT division. The process is composed of four phases with defined set of actions and activities:

    • Phase 1: Baselining
    • Phase 2: Building
    • Phase 3: Engaging
    • Phase 4Measuring


QPros is the only Quality/Testing vendor that's available in the UAE market who can help you to establish your quality department, other vendors only offer testing resources.

Quality Professionals

We are a recognized leader in providing full-cycle quality assurance and application testing services. We provide a collaborative approach to sourcing testing and QA services for clients who want to transform their testing function and achieve cost effective and high-quality systems without the hassles of large overheads and day-to-day responsibilities, but still without losing the overall control.