Business-As-Usual Test

In the ever changing environment of banking and government enterprises, there are new demands that call for minor corrections or continuous enhancements. It is important that your business activities do not suffer disruptions while these changes are being implemented. You can achieve this by employing our Business-As-Usual testers who will quickly ramp up and prepare the test environment and ensure your current application has no bugs and the new changes don't produce new bugs.


Our dedicated BAU test team checks for bugs in your production application using testing environment to ensure that your business can run as usual, even when minor corrections or enhancements/upgrades are being made to your applications.


To ensure that none of your testing needs are left out, our team prepares a regression suite to test the base functionality of the application right at the onset. This regression suite is, in time, upgraded align with the BAU changes. Wherever possible, the suite is automated with suitable regression automation sets from vendors like HP Mercury and IBM Rational.


With our thorough approach your applications are in safe hands.

Black-box Test

Our test specialists have the skills and hands-on experience to run efficient black-box testing to cover the business requirements.
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Exploratory TEST

Our test specialists have the knowledge and skills to run efficient exploratory testing to cover the business requirements as early as possible in iterative/Agile methodology. 
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Localization Test

Our test specialists are mainly Arabic speakers and they have great understanding of the culture and language of Middle East in general and GCC region in particular. 
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User Acceptance Test

Our test specialists have the knowledge and skills to plan and execute a successful UAT with effecient involvement by business users to make sure the application fit-for-use. 
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Quality Professionals

We are a recognized leader in providing full-cycle quality assurance and application testing services. We provide a collaborative approach to sourcing testing and QA services for clients who want to transform their testing function and achieve cost effective and high-quality systems without the hassles of large overheads and day-to-day responsibilities, but still without losing the overall control.